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Remote laptop backup remains a challenge for many organisations


Whether its working from home, hot desking or regular out of office meetings, being mobile and having access to information has become vital in today’s fast-paced environment. Critical data is circulating on everyone’s mobile devices and laptops. However, the constant flow and movement of data can pose a significant risk to your organisation.

Benefits of remote work

Mobile working can be very beneficial to your company. The freedom and simplicity enable the workforce to access applications and data anywhere, anytime. And the flexibility enables employees to structure their days according to their schedule. These benefits have been found to increase productivity, improve health and wellness and even reduce costs.  

Leaving data at risk

As mentioned, remote work also comes with risks. Opening data from multiple points increases the possibility of hackers accessing your systems. An increasing trend of these cyber-attacks is ransomware, where malicious software locks a device and then demands a ransom to unlock it. The constant travelling also increases the wear and tear which ultimately can lead to physical damage of data and storage devices. Additionally, there is always the chance that the device gets stolen.

Beaming research showed that almost four million UK businesses (50% of UK businesses) could be at risk of losing their data due to inadequate – or even non-existent – backup practices, which could potentially leave them unable to operate. Most worryingly, the survey showed that 17% of all respondents do not back up their business data at all, with the only official copy residing on the individual system it was created on. 

Current State of Remote Backups

Data on laptops is just as important as those on on-site systems or stored in servers. The information on these devices is just as important as the data stored on local servers within the business. However, when considering backup and disaster recovery policies, laptop backups are often overlooked. In fact, research conducted by Druba Software showed that 63% of IT Managers do not have a laptop backup policy in place.

Furthermore, Intel-sponsored research indicates that the average cost of a lost or stolen laptop is more than £35,000. These costs do not occur from replacing the laptop, but rather from the data and the risk of a data breach that causes serious financial implications. The cost of a data breach represents 80% of the total cost of a lost laptop.

How backups can protect your business

Implementing backup services on your company laptops ensures that you will never lose any of the vital information stored on the devices. Web-based laptop agents allow companies the flexibility to define which files and systems are backed up, as well as the frequency, enabling you to restore the latest version anytime.

Backup Systems is one of the UK’s leading backup providers. Our solution allows for one or any number of your business laptops to be backed up consistently, minimising the risk of data loss. This means that your valuable files are always backed up, regardless of the type of system failure or data loss you might face.

Read more about our laptop backup services, and how we are able to build a customised solution tailored to your specific needs here or learn more about our services by downloading our e-book below.




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