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A message for IT executives

Hello IT executive,

You’re the person responsible for handling IT issues and protecting your organisation’s data. It’s one of those areas where if it goes wrong it’s a nightmare.

Ransomware and cyber-attacks are in the news a lot (and you could be a target), but sometimes it’s simple human error that causes data problems.

Costly data recovery, an inability to serve customers and ‘the blame game‘ are just a few of the consequences.

I’d like to offer some help on data backups and disaster recovery. Outsourcing to us relieves you of the headache and responsibility.

Briefly, we take full responsibility for data backups and disaster recovery. Our managed service means you can relax and concentrate on more productive IT projects.

Data backup is my specialist subject, I’m the guy that wrote the original code for Backup Systems and founded the company in 2006.

We can guide you on how to prevent data loss. Plus you can compare our managed service against your current supplier – because it’s always good to review suppliers, right?

If you or a colleague would like to book an initial call with me (or a demo), just click the calendar link below and select a time.


Signature Mark Ridley

Mark Ridley, Founder & CTO

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It includes best practice tips for data backups and disaster recovery, as well details of how we can help protect your organisation.

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All of your data can be replicated frequently to another backup server either at another of your sites or to a cloud based provider of your choice. In the event of a loss of your primary site, you have a complete repository of all of your backups at the second location.
All of your servers can be up and running in minutes at your chosen DR location.

For more information, view our full list of FAQs here.