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A message for Finance executives 

Hello Finance executive,

You’re the person responsible for reviewing the cost of IT Systems at your company. It’s one of those areas where costs can easily escalate.

I’d like to offer some help on data backups and disaster recovery. Ransomware and cyber-attacks are in the news a lot (and your organisation could be a target), but sometimes it’s simple human error that causes the problem.

Costly data recovery, reduced productivity, and an inability to serve customers are just a few of the consequences.

Briefly, we take full responsibility for backups and disaster recovery. Our managed service is a fraction of the cost compared to other services, yet provides greater peace of mind.

Data backup is my specialist subject, I’m the guy that wrote the original code for Backup Systems and founded the company in 2006.

I appreciate you are busy, but a call will help you benchmark us against your current supplier – and it’s always good to review suppliers, right?

If you or a colleague would like to book an initial call with me (or a demo), just click the calendar link below and select a time.


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Mark Ridley, Founder & CTO
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