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Cloud storage is not a backup solution – here’s why.

There is a growing assumption that cloud storage and cloud backup are the same things. However, cloud storage sites such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and One Drive, are not backup solutions – so should not be relied upon to work perfectly or to protect your data if a disaster was to strike. Cloud storage is not a backup strategy, and what your business needs, is a robust backup solution.

Whilst cloud file storage services have become key to modern business operations due to the cost-saving and easy anywhere, anytime access they provide to vital business assets, they shouldn’t be relied upon as a backup solution. They can provide an improved employee experience and help in streamlining operations, but this availability doesn’t necessarily mean durability.

What happens when Cloud Storage goes wrong?

The files you thought you had uploaded safely to your Dropbox account seem to have disappeared. So, what happened? Software glitch? User error? Undetected virus? Whatever the cloud error was, it doesn’t matter, your files are gone.

Did you think to deploy a backup solution, or even back up your files to a flash drive or external hard drive or even another computer? Most often the answer is no, with organisations under the assumption that the syncing and replication functions of the chosen cloud storage service had you covered. However, they probably don’t have you covered… that’s why organisations need to have the right backup strategy to avoid such incidents.

So, what are the functions of a right backup?

A data backup is a process of copying computer data or files, so they can be restored to the original even after that data has been lost. Backups have two distinct purposes; to recover data after it’s lost and to recover data from an earlier time.

With data circulating through your organisation constantly, if your business loses access to this data, or even to business-critical processes and systems, there are significant costs and risks associated. Read more about the cost of losing data to your business.

A good backup system and disaster recovery server stores the latest backups of individual files, software and internal systems ensuring quick restoration in the event of any kind of data loss issues.

At Backup Systems we take care of your data needs for you, creating the perfect solution right through to the running and checking of your backups, with all the elements needed to not only protect your data but to also ensure your business needs are met. The right backup also eliminates endless administration tasks and the long hours and manpower associated with these tasks.

Our system is designed to operate almost silently in the background, allowing you to focus on core business activities while giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to the protection of valuable data. A true backup system is vital to business continuity.

Why your backup strategy is more than just cloud storage?

Do you know the phrase “it does exactly what it says on the tin”?

Think of this when thinking about the differences between cloud storage and cloud backup. Cloud storage will give you a platform to store data, but cloud backup takes it to a whole new level, backing up that precious business data even if you think you have lost it.

So even when disaster hits, your valuable data is safe with our full backup system in place.

We are not saying abandon all hope in cloud storage systems as they have real business benefits and can be vital in creating a collaborative work environment. Just don’t rely on them to be part of your backup strategy. Your backup strategy should include a true backup function to truly keep your data safe. Read our blog to find out how you can build the perfect backup strategy for your business.

Cloud storage is not a backup solution

No business can afford to lose its business-critical data. The protection and safety of such data ultimately lie with your organisation, especially following the introduction of GDPR. Concerns and implications surrounding data loss and protection are the same no matter the size of a company, meaning the need for a comprehensive backup strategy and solution has never been more apparent.

Find out about our complete guide to data backup and disaster recovery or by contacting our team on 0845 671 0290.

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