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Client Win – Saving your resources with backup


Companies develop and change over time. Employees retire; they have children; they are promoted or even decide to change careers entirely, whatever the reason, your team will change.

When you Google the “role of an IT manager” there are 779,000,000 different results and although there are similarities, it is a position that will differ drastically from business to business. Where one may ensure the smooth maintenance of a company’s network and that’s it, another will ensure the servers are connected, fix Microsoft word for their CFO, manage the new Sage implementation and reset Dave from sales password when he forgets… again.

Whatever the role of an IT manager within your organisation, inducting a new one into the ways of your organisation is never without its challenges.

If you are filling a gap within your team, training them in the smooth running of IT is the initial priority. Getting them used to your unique systems and your unique challenges is the first stage in shaping a new employee into a vital component of your IT department. 

Just last week one of our clients introduced a new IT Manager to the team and he was able to realise the benefits of our backup solution almost instantaneously.

We took away the worry of learning the key ins and outs of how to manage a vital component of his IT systems: backup and disaster recovery. Allowing him to focus on learning more important (from a business perspective) day to day operations of IT.

So when he received a panicked email from the Accounts Director saying that one of his team members had deleted a vital year-end spreadsheet he didn’t have to worry, instead, he placed a quick phone call to one of our experts and we were able to locate and recover his file within a mere couple of minutes.

Saving the CFO’s time, saving whoever made the mistake from his wrath and saving the new IT manager from a potential headache.

Backup Systems has a proven track record of managing one of the most vital components of your operations; your information.

Our solution means that nothing is ever lost forever and that when you bring on a new team member they can focus on the things that matter to you. Safe in the knowledge that their data is managed by one of the UK’s market-leading experts in backup and disaster recovery.

To learn more click here or to experience the solution for yourself start your free trial today.

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