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Client Win – a Loss in Device That Didn’t Result in a Loss of Vital Data

lost_devicee.pngIn recent years the workplace has seen a shift in the technology used by employees across all aspects of a business to deliver higher productivity through mobilisation of the workforce. The foundation of this change remains at its core, with laptop computers and notebooks used by people who may never leave the office to sales forces and engineering teams who may not be in the office day-to-day.

One major issue with the latter is the backup of weeks, months and often years of data from mobile devices across a range of departments. The potential for losing this much data means that every business needs to consider exactly how to approach the subject of data backup for the mobile worker. Sales teams could hold millions of pounds in orders on a single laptop, with little more than a Salesforce reference in place on their central systems. Hours of conversational notes, customer needs and order requirements could be lost to the underground if someone leaves a laptop on the train. Could your business afford that loss? Recently one of our clients experienced this very situation.

Here at Backup Systems, we ensure that the backup of your business’s laptops is done consistently, minimising the risk of data loss due to out-of-date backups. This means that regardless of the type of system failure or loss when working out of the office or simply ‘hot desking’ internally, any valuable files are always backed up – ready to be restored in a matter of minutes. This means that the only thing lost was a laptop; not their valuable files.

Our laptop backup service is built around you, your business and your needs. You get to choose which laptops and how many of them are connected to our onsite backup server, as well as which files are backed up. This allows you to specifically select the important data you can’t afford to lose – so whether that’s account records, customer work or internal documents, Backup Systems have it covered for you.

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