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Backup & Restore Critical Office 365 Data


Many companies are making the move to cloud-based services such as Office 365 or Google Drive. It allows for automatic updates and increased productivity through ‘anywhere access’ and more efficient budget management.

However, with the increased flexibility comes additional risk. Your Microsoft account can still be hacked, and in their terms and conditions, they indicate that all responsibility for disruptions and loss of data lies with the company itself, meaning that Office 365 should not be relied upon as a backup solution.

One of the main issues is that people delete data, mostly accidentally, and sometimes intentionally. Additionally, there is the ever-present threat of ransomware and other malware. That means that even in the cloud, data protection is necessary. In fact, a study conducted by Aberdeen Group indicates that 32% of businesses lose data in the cloud.

Cost of data loss

Data loss is costly for everyone that’s involved with your business. Obviously, there are direct operational costs from downtime. A recent study from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs indicated that the average costs of data breaches for enterprises amounted to £970,000 and £94,000 for small businesses. That’s an increase of 36% from last year. On top of that, there are indirect costs that come from reduced brand reputation.

However, other stakeholders in your business are also affected by these events. Partners and potential prospects can be affected through lost emails or vital operational information. The cost to restore a single email can be more than the cost of an organization-wide backup solution for a year!

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are critical for cloud applications. As mentioned, the benefit of Microsoft Office 365 ‘access anywhere’ can pose an additional risk to people with malicious intent. With recent regulatory restrictions such as GDPR and data protection, companies are required to take more responsibility for the data they hold.

Being able to restore lost data is now a requirement with the implementation of GDPR. Within GDPR, “lost” does not just mean a lost laptop, it also includes files that have been accidentally deleted and can’t be restored. If your company doesn’t have a reliable and fast backup system in place, you are opening yourselves up to massive fines.

Backup Systems Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Backup Systems have provided specialist backup solutions to multi-national companies for over 10 years and are one of the UK’s leading backup companies. Recently Backup Systems were awarded a certification of ISO 27001, which is an international standard with global recognition used for an information security management system (ISMS). The certification demonstrates that the company has identified the risks and put the systemised controls in place to keep confidential information secure.

Our Microsoft Office 365 Backup solution not only offers a complete and consistent backup for your OneDrive, Google Drive and Sharepoint files, it also has a fully searchable email archive for all of your mailboxes. 

All backups are stored read-only, which gives protection against anything being changed by any user; nothing will get deleted, which allows for a comprehensive backup and full access to all emails.

Read more about our Microsoft backup solution, and how we are able to build a customised solution tailored to your specific needs here or learn more about our services by downloading our e-book below.




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