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 Backup Systems' Frequently Asked Questions


What makes you different?

We aim to be an extension of your own IT department.
We offer a fully managed disk based backup solution with unlimited support.
We do not charge for the number of servers or how much data you have.

Do I need to install backup agents on my servers with your service?

No – our service is agent-less – you do not need to do or install anything. Just let us know what needs backing up and we will take care of it for you.

What about my remote sites? Can you back them up?

Yes – we can backup as many remote sites as you need without extra cost.

What about the network bandwidth from the remote sites?

We minimise the bandwidth used between sites by compressing and sending only the individual bits that have changed.

I am using tapes right now. How would using you make my life easier?

Any version of any file is at your finger tips. There is no need to wait for tapes to be returned from offsite.
Unlike tapes you do not need to worry about full and incremental backups ever again.
We only backup the changes, our technology guarantees the consistency of the data.

I need a file back from two weeks ago or years ago, can you do this?

Yes, easily. Getting any file back is very quick and pain free. It is all drag and drop.

What about the permissions of my files. Do they get backed up and restored too?

Yes – the security around all your data is backed up and can be restored too.

I need you to make some changes to the backups. Do I have to pay for this?

No – unlimited support is included at no extra cost. Call us or email us as many times as you want. We will do everything you need within a few minutes.

Auditing is very important to me - how do I know what has been backed up?

There is a full audit trail showing all backup and replication activity.

A user needs a file back, but they cannot remember where it was, exactly what it was called or even when it got deleted. How do I restore that?

Type a couple of characters from any filename, and you will be shown a complete version history of all matching files. Click on one to restore in seconds or drag and drop it back to them.

I want to find out more about you and see if your service fulfils my requirements?

Certainly. We offer a free, non-committal one month trial, where you can see us and our technology in action. This can run on your own existing hardware

Where are the backups stored?

The backup service runs on your own hardware as a virtual machine. This can be either a dedicated host, or if resources permit it can run on one of your existing hypervisors. We will work with you to identify the optimum configuration to meet your needs and budget.

We have multiple sites, with servers at many locations. How do you deal with that?

We will work with you to design and implement the solution that best meets your needs and budget. That could include multiple backup servers, replicating and ensuring your data is in more than one location.

How many versions of my data do you keep?

That is completely up to you. We tailor the retentions to suit requirements and these can be changed at anytime.

I need to retain and archive several years’ worth of data. Can you do this?

Yes – we can fulfil your archive requirements by choosing appropriate retention periods for any of the backups we are taking. We can retain any file, database, image or virtual machine for as long as you want.

I have heard a lot about data de-duplication and compression. Do you do this?

Yes – we do this as standard. We use industry leading de-duplication and compression techniques to maximise the storage potential.

Our Managed Service

How many servers can be backed up with your service?

Unlimited – we can backup as many servers as you want and make as many changes as you need. There are no extra charges for any changes or help you need.

Do you monitor the service?

Yes – this is a fully managed service – we are monitoring the backups and health of your backup server 24/7.
You will be notified of any problems. We will try to resolve them ourselves, however we will contact you for anything that needs to be done

How do I know what is going on with my backups?

It is fully managed service, and we keep you in the loop.Each morning you will receive a comprehensive backup report confirming the backups have run and detailing any issues.
The backup servers also have a web console so you can check the status at anytime.

Disk Imaging

Can you take an image of a physical server?


I do not want to shut a server down to take the image. Can you do this while we are using it?

Yes – we take live server images of the data and operating system while the server is running.

What formats are the images taken in?

We create images either in Microsoft VHD or VMWare VMDK format.

Can these images be started in a virtual environment?

Yes. They can be started in minutes in either Hyper-V or ESX.

Can these images be used to rebuild a physical server?


Email Archiving Solutions

Can I restore an individual email?

Yes – you can search, view and restore individual emails.

HR have asked me for all emails sent between certain parties over a specific date range. How can I do this?

Not to worry – we will search the database for you and give you all the emails. There is no charge for this.

Can individual users access the archive?

Yes – if you want them to. The email archive will communicate with active directory to allow access to only their own archive, or you as the administrator can access everything.

Exchange has become corrupted - can I restore the entire Exchange database?

Yes – very quickly.

I have been caught out in the past and the Exchange backups have not been any good. What do you do to make sure I have a valid backup?

After backing up each Exchange database, we peform a consistency check and make sure they are in a ‘clean shutdown state’.

How many mailboxes are included in your email archive?

It is unlimited and at no extra cost. We automatically add new mailboxes to the archive and as your data grows there is no extra cost.

Laptop Backup

How many laptops are included in the service?

It is unlimited – as many as your company needs. There are no extra costs for each laptop.

Will it backup when the laptop is not in the office or on the company VPN?

Yes – the laptop will backup directly to your backup server even when not on the company network.

Is the laptop encrypted when going over the internet?

Yes – we use a high level of encryption when the data is it transit.

I have been using it on 200 laptops, but I now need to change what is backed up. Do I need my team to go around each laptop to make the change, or can you help with this?

Yes – we can re-configure all the laptop backups remotely, saving you from doing it.

Virtual Machines

What Hypervisors do you connect to?

We can connect and backup VMWare ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Xen.

One of our critical servers which has several terrabytes of virtual disks has failed. How soon can I have it up and running from the backups?

Very quickly. You can run it directly from the backup server and have it up and running in minutes.

I need my mission critical servers backed up frequently during the day. Can you do this?

Yes – our technology can do very fast incremental backups of all your virtual machines, regardless of size.

Enterprise Backup Solutions

What databases do you backup?

We backup Microsoft MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL and others.

Our very large and important customer database needs to be backed up several times during the day - can you do this without adversely impacting our systems?

Yes – we can take very quick incremental or differential backups as often as you need.

Disaster Recovery Systems

Onsite disk based backups sound great, but what happens if there is a major disaster in my server room?

All of your data can be replicated frequently to another backup server either at another of your sites or to a cloud based provider of your choice. In the event of a loss of your primary site, you have a complete repository of all of your backups at the second location.

How can I use these backups at the other site?

All of your servers can be up and running in minutes at your chosen DR location.

Backup Systems

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