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Our free eBooks & Guides provide a valuable insight into the Backup & Disaster Recovery processes. Check them out below, and feel free to download our Managed Service Guide to get a full understanding of our services

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eBooks & Guides

Download our eBooks and guides to gain a complete insight into Backup and Disaster Recovery processes. 


why you should backup your data

Why You Should Backup Your Data

Learn the risks associated with not having a backup strategy in place, and what your organisation can do to prevent losing its precious data. 

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5 Backup Strategy Challenges and How to Address Them

Overcome 5 of the most common backup strategy challenges with this free eBook. 

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Backup and Disaster Recovery: An IT Managers Myth-Buster

Take a look at some of the most common backup & disaster recovery misconceptions.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery: Our Managed Service

A complete introductory guide to our fully managed service and each of its features.

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Top Tips to Protect Yourself from Ransomware

A compiled list of our expert tips to safeguard your organisation from ransomware.

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