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Would an AI voice make you the victim of a phishing attack?

The latest method threat actors have turned to will have you doing a double take, as they have turned to AI generated voices. Receiving an urgent phone call from the CEO of your organisation would without doubt cause concern, leading you to want to deal with the matter instantly.

Everyone else is prioritising their data, why aren’t you?

Would you get in a car without putting your seatbelt on? Or take a hot tray out the oven without using oven gloves? No, then why are you continuing to create data, without having it correctly backed up?

Backup Systems to the rescue!

A recent recovery process proved successful for one of our clients, as a ransomware attack meant they had to turn to us to bring their systems back up and running. The ransomware attackers tried to make off with all of their files and company, but Backup Systems saved the day, quickly and painlessly.

Even MFA isn’t enough to protect you!

With phishing attacks being such a simple way to infiltrate and infect a system, it’s no surprise that hackers have advanced to the point where they are now bypassing MFA, a security feature designed to be safer than a standard password.

Are you one of the 87% of organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks, in the age of AI?

A recent article posted by Microsoft highlights the sheer number of organizations that are vulnerable to cyberattacks, at the hands of the advancement of AI in recent years. The report found 48% are vulnerable, while a further 39% are at high risk. As AI continues to get more powerful, hackers are using it to their advantage, making it harder for an attack to be spotted, and prevented.

Backup Systems Passes ISO27001, 6 years running!

We are happy to announce that for 6 years in a row, Backup Systems has passed the necessary requirements to achieve an ISO27001 certification.