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SharePoint exploit actively being exploited by cyber attackers.

CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) are warning SharePoint users to stay vigilant, as cyber attackers exploit a critical privilege escalation vulnerability, that combined with another bug can lead to remote code execution. The flaw in question is enabling hackers to obtain admin privileges on unpatched servers, which can lead to catastrophic results.

It’s 2024, why aren’t your systems backed up?

Surprisingly, a lot of people do not follow the correct protocol when it comes to backing up their systems. While you may assume nothing would happen to endanger them, why take the risk? If something was to go wrong, and you haven’t correctly backed them up, you are in trouble. Listed below are just a few of many reasons you should be backing up your systems, especially with the care and dedication of Backup Systems.

2024 brings our new system aimed at MSPs!

With the new year comes exciting new developments at Backup Systems, we are introducing our new system which is aimed at MSPs. This will include a wide array of new screens specifically designed for MSPs to manage their customers, including billing, auditing, and user management.

A year in review of disaster recovery!

2023 is drawing to a close, and now is the perfect time to take a look back at some facts and figures that have made up the past 12 months in the world of data and backups.

Google Drives users mad with missing files.

A number of Google Drive users have had their files from the past few months mysteriously disappear, leaving many panicking and wondering where they’ve gone. The files in question have not been moved or deleted by accident, they have just completely vanished without a trace.

Phishing emails, a thing of the past or even more of a threat than before?

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails flooding your inbox this week, it’s prime time for hackers to slip their scam emails in along with the genuine ones. With an influx of emails to read, your guard may not be as high as usual, meaning you become vulnerable to falling victim to a scam email.