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Reducing the costs and complexity of Backup & Disaster Recovery

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reduce-the-costs-of-backup-and-disaster-recoveryBackup and Disaster Recovery solutions are often the forgotten element to an organisation's ever increasing complex and expensive IT estate. As terms such as BYoD and Virtualisation will come and go over time, backup and disaster recovery solutions always remain in the background relatively unchanged and often forgotten about. Due to an increase in cyber attacks, there has now been a huge emphasise on acquiring a strong backup and disaster recovery solution to protect your organisation.

However, backup solutions do not need to be exorbitant or complex- there are ways to avoid paying a fortune, and still remain 100% protected from external attacks. Below are some of our tips to help easily simplify and reduce the costs of backup and disaster recovery:

1. Move away from Legacy Systems 

Relying on outdated legacy backup and disaster recovery solutions is far more risky than you may initially think. But why? More often than not legacy systems are cobbled together from multiple vendors and depend on archaic technology like Tape, External Hard Drives or Disk based systems; creating an overly complex system that a business may completely rely on in the event of a disaster. 

 In 2017 most organisations will have moved away from using the old tape systems and onto more digitally enabled platforms, either on site or offsite or a combination of both, depending on the needs and security surrounding that data. With “Everything as a Service” (XaaS) platforms predicted as the future of the IT landscape, we are going to start seeing IT leaders moving their organisations into this new age of disruption where endless possibilities live. So if you are still dependant on hard drives for backup and disaster recovery purposes then it is definitely time to start expanding your horizons to remain competitive. 

 2. Avoid vendors who penalise you for growing

We all have goals to expand our businesses, gain access to more insightful data, and increase our customer base. However you must keep in mind that growing your business over time may require additional backup infrastructure due to the influx of data. Many vendors will take advantage of this by charging you quite a hefty sum for new infrastructure and systems. It may be a surprise to you, but there are actually backup providers in the market who won't charge extra to keep all your data protected. 

Here at Backup Systems we only charge one annual fee- absolutely regardless of the amount of data or system changes required in a year. Our services will grow alongside your organisation, and we will never penalise you for achieving your growth goals. In addition, offering an annual fee will reduce the complexity of managing your IT budget and costs. 

3.  Automate your backups 

When it comes to simplifying data backup, nothing will make it easier than automation. It completely eliminates the risk of human error and provides the confidence that your data is always protected as it's not reliant on individual's efforts to remember to conduct the manual backup. 

Our software allows your Backup Systems Managed Service to quietly run in the background under the watchful eye of our trained specialist engineers; completely eliminating the need for someone to ensure your backups are run nightly and manually running reports every morning. 

So what is different about Backup Systems?

What we offer is a simple, cost effective Managed Service for all of your data backup requirements, utilising your own infrastructure or preferred cloud suppliers. Our team at Backup Systems run as an extension to our client's IT teams, freeing up their time to get other tasks done, and focus on the needs of your IT users and systems.

Fully customisable reporting tools mean we can deliver reports as and when you require them as often as you need them and to whoever is required. Incremental backup schedules can also be run to your schedules and business requirements with data being archived to wherever you need to store it for however long.

All of this is provided without the clouds usual £/mb charges or the hassle of hours of your time spend building reports and managing systems. Backup Systems offer a simple all-inclusive, annual contract regardless of the amount of data or system changes required in a year. This is achieved by utilising your already present storage capacities and server infrastructure over your own network infrastructure to ensure your data remains on site and secure behind your firewalls without any hidden costs or admin fee’s for changes inside the agreed term. Simply email us the required changes and rest assured they will be actioned with all following backup procedures.

 What's next?

To gather a better understanding of Backup Systems charges, visit our Pricing Page here.  Beyond pricing, we recommend taking a look at our Managed Service Guide below:




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