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How to Develop a Cost-Effective Backup Strategy

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How to develop a cost effective backup strategy.pngThe percentage of budget typically spent by an organisation on IT varies greatly across industry, geography, size of business, along with a whole host of other factors, But using some of the most recent Global GDP and IT expenditure figures we can approximate that 5% of economic expended on IT. Which seems like a reasonable estimate.

But no matter what size of budget your working with, very rarely does it stretch far enough, IT budget is always tight. And so the battle to ensure that your dedicated Backup Strategy budget is distributed effectively begins.

Map out your ideal scenario

In a world with unlimited budget your enterprise backup solution would be wholly encompassing, infallible and simply put perfect. With a sound knowledge of what you need and what you want you will be better placed to develop a strategy that works most effectively with the budget available.

Don’t just stop at a solution; create your enterprise backup strategy

Choosing a data backup solution is just one consideration of your whole backup and disaster recovery strategy. Setting up a tool and assuming potential disasters have been avoided is risky. Your backup strategy should give due consideration to a variety of possible disaster scenarios; a recovery plan; employee training; system maintenance and testing; and the need for additional support.
When choosing your solution, it would be prudent to understand which of these strategy features your vendor can support you with and for what cost compared to the time and effort required to keep them totally in house.

Consider Consolidation

The price tag of a fully managed backup solution may at first be more than a little off putting and finding individual solutions that meet your needs for a lower cost may seem appealing. But also consider the additional time and resources that will be required to manage, monitor and maintain each of these disparate solutions. The more systems you use to protect your servers, databases, file, email archives, laptop and virtual machines; the more vendors you become reliant on in your backup strategy. To get the solution that best meets your requirements a bespoke backup and disaster recovery solution may be worth considering.

Do your Research

You already know what your requirements are but learn more about what’s on the market and for what cost. Ask as many questions as possible to learn more about what solutions are available and how they will work with your needs and organisation. Knowing as much as possible about the market and the potential solutions means that you will be able to choose a solution that will best meet your requirements exactly without spending money on extra bits that will be left unused. Consider using these 5 questions to start you research process.

Your needs Vs Your Pricing Plan

Different vendors offer different solutions with different pricing plans. Some charge by the user. Some charge by the gigabyte.  Additional charges and hidden fees can really stretch a budget to the limits. By being aware of the different pricing plans that exist in the market and how your backup requirements might evolve in the future means that you will be best educated to select a pricing plan that will suit your needs.


There are many things to consider when designing; purchasing and deploying an enterprise backup strategy. With so many things to consider and so little budget to spend a cost-effective backup strategy is essential for protecting your organisation’s data. By considering each of these things you will be best placed to design a strategy that works with both your backup needs and your budget.

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