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The Hidden Costs of Data Backup and How to Avoid Them

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hidden_cost.pngOrganisation growth is an unavoidable fact; and something that is viewed with anticipation and reward. And, growing faster than your organisation? Your data.

The growth of an organisation is inescapably accompanied by a number of by-products each with their own needs and requirements. Data is being generated at an unprecedented rate and its collection and storage is essential to continued business growth. As each of these growing aspects feed into business driving a successful development there is one area that no one like to see grow more than necessary. The bill.

Backup solution pricing can be a maze, as backup solution cost transparency is hard to come by and additional functionality rockets the total cost of your initial low-cost service. Consider these five hidden costs of data backup solutions to avoid being penalised for successful business growth:

The linear correlation between data growth and cost

It is a typical pricing structure for many vendors to scale costs with the volume of data to be backed up.  For some organisations the volume of data they require to store is minimal and therefore this makes an affordable price plan. But for other organisations, whose data volumes continually alter or predict a future growth curve; these pricing structures can make protecting an organisation’s data a costly experience.

Not only this but switching from one vendor to another for a better cost per GB is not without its risks as the cost of any resulting down time will have resulting consequences both financially and in functionality. And entrusting your organisation’s data to an external party is never something that should be undertaken lightly which means continual migration for bargain prices isn’t an option.

The number of servers – File, Database, or Exchange

For some vendors the trick is to create charges based around the number of servers you require to back up through the required purchase of additional licences. Not only this but organisations that have multiple servers in multiple locations require an increasingly complex backup strategy that can in some cases be accompanied by a complex price plan.

The cost of accessing your own data

Many of the low cost hyperscale cloud storage solutions are designed as cold-storage. Meaning that once the data is in; accessing it again isn’t always so simple and it isn’t free. In many cases these fees can be nominal but if you have multiple instances or need to restore your data after a disaster these fees can quickly mount up.

The cost of support

Backup and disaster recovery services are often left unthought-of until the time comes when they are needed most. But when the systems are down and the apocalypse is neigh; putting out the fires faster than they arise can be difficult if not impossible. Some additional, well timed support from your vendor can prove invaluable in getting your organisation back on track. However, for some this helping hand is not without a hefty price tag.

The costs of an additional or new infrastructure

Today, there are a variety of different platforms on which you can back up your data, tape, disk, cloud etc. Each of these have different hardware requirements which may result in an overhaul of your existing infrastructure. The cost of this hardware refurbishment may or may not be included in your quoted price and if not can be a surprise (and costly) addition to your bill.


Choosing a vendor for your Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions is no simple decision and choosing one that can grow with your business and not your bills is key. At Backup Systems, we provide a fully managed, flexible solution with one annual fee – never charging our customers additional monthly fees or expensive ticket costs. No matter how their data grows. Taking the time to work with you to decide upon the best backup strategy for your business, and providing unlimited support.

Our dedicated backup appliance allows the system to be centrally managed, meaning that we can take care of everything from the running, to the checking of backups as well as all upgrades and maintenance. Not only this, but, we are able to use your existing hardware or use the hardware sourced from your preferred supplier allowing you to remain within budget.


Keeping Costs Down 


Backup Systems believe in transparent pricing. 

Visit our Pricing Page for an instant understanding of what Backup Systems will and will not charge you for. 

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