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Backup and Disaster Recovery Licensing Violations. Are you Covered?

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Backup and disaster recovery licensing violationsBusinesses of today require continuous access to mission-critical information in order to survive in an economy that relies on the almost instantaneous availability of data and information.

With the digital universe doubling in size every two years - predicted to reach 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020 the growth of business information has reached exponential. IT teams are not only required to manage the multiplication of data, but also keep it accessible at all times, even in the face of a disaster. This makes data backup and disaster recovery a key consideration of business continuity planning.

With data backup and disaster recovery processes playing such a critical role, it is easy to see how suppliers have been able to create pricing models capable of forcing organisations to pay astronomical figures.

Rising Cost Structures

When pricing structures are based on costs per GB per month, and licenses are required for each server, virtual machine, server imaging, mailbox archive, and laptop backups, it becomes easy to see why so many organisations are making the difficult to decision to prioritise the data they are backing up.

What’s more, managing the licenses required to backup and recover an organisation’s data is no simple task. Understanding the licensing terms and conditions and ensuring your continual compliance with them can be one of the greatest challenges; varying from product to product, it’s rare that they are ever straight forward.

One of the primary things to consider with backup and disaster recovery licensing is the “temperature” of your backup servers and the types of backups in question, as for many vendors these details will influence the type and number of licences you require.

With the complexities of the licensing structure, many of those implementing a new backup appliance put their faith in the knowledge and experience of their chosen reseller to ensure their organisations are compliant.

But with constantly changing IT environments and complex terms and conditions, it can be all too easy to violate key terms without your knowledge. In an effort to combat the number of organisations violating license agreements, suppliers are regularly performing audits on those using their solutions.

Backup and disaster recovery licensing violations can occur deliberately or inadvertently, but the penalties for each remain the same. The charges for breaking the licensing terms and conditions can vary greatly from product to product, and supplier to supplier, but in most cases, backdated charges and penalty fees are applied.

With the cost of a backup and disaster recovery appliance already high, finding the additional budget to pay these fees and penalties is a challenge no organisation wants to face.

Our Experience

Backup Systems Ltd, worked with a top UK Law firm who faced this very scenario. Previously working with a reseller, they had been using a tape based system that required extensive administrative hours and appropriate licensing to run.

An already costly system was made more expensive when an audit identified that their existing supplier had not licensed their backup software correctly, leaving them in danger of facing a substantial bill that fell out-with their budget.

Backup Systems provide a fully managed service for an annual cost of £5,000 per backup appliance with no hidden fees. Unlike many suppliers, we do not charge per GB per month and are able to backup unlimited file, database and exchange servers, virtual machines, mailbox archives and employee laptops amongst other things without tricky licensing agreements.  

See how Backup Systems compares to your current pricing system

We are not a reseller, our solution is designed and controlled directly by us. This means that we are able to offer a cost effective managed backup service by cutting out the middle man.

t_h_cover.pngDownload the full case study to read how Backup Systems provided an unlimited all-in-one managed backup service that significantly reduced the time and money spent.


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