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Advantages of an Automated Backup System

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advantages_of_automated_backup_system.pngPerforming data backups may be an essential business operation but there is no denying that it can become an arduous task. Manually performing backups at scheduled points in the day can eventually consume hours of essential resource.



However, with an automated system in place, organisational backups can be performed on a pre-determined schedule which minimises the ongoing attention required from the IT teams, leaving resource free to tackle business critical projects.

We consider 4 advantages of an automated backup systems along with two additional points to bear in mind.

Cost effective

Data backup can quickly become an expensive business function; whether it’s the initial outlay of the systems and set-up costs, ongoing licencing terms, or the costs of the IT staff required to carry out the procedures and maintain the systems. With changes being made every day, data backups must be made just as frequently – if not more so. Performing these manually is not cost effective and diverts critical resource from other essential tasks. Automated data backup processes enable organisations to re-coup the hours and therefore the money over an extended time scale.

Ease of use

The pressures of having to perform a daily backup can be strenuous and straining, particularly if there are a multitude of minute administrative tasks involved.  This can be intensified if there are a limited set of individuals with the knowledge and experience required to perform the backups. Automated backup services relieve this pressure and allow organisations to create a schedule that performs the necessary operations at the frequency required. Automated systems can alleviate employees of tedious administrative duties whilst also increasing the ease of use.

Maintains security

Human error is an inescapable force and with manual backups highly dependent on human intervention, this margin for error increases. Automated processes allow for the incorporation of data encryption along with other security methods; this minimises the potential for a security breach by removing any human involvement.

Provides reports

A well-developed backup systems with automated functionality can be set-up to provide reports on the system, reassuring everyone that the backup of all critical files has been formed successfully. Greater transparency of systems and processes can be achieved with reports enabled to monitor which data has been altered since the last backup as well as any failed backups and remaining space on the storage drive etc.

Some points to consider:

Ongoing maintenance

Even with backups being performed automatically, this does not mean that the schedule can be set and the entire process forgotten about. Regular maintenance and upgrades should be performed to ensure that the system is functioning correctly and that backups have not become corrupted in the process. By coupling an automated backup solution with a fully managed service, these pressures can also be removed from the IT teams.

Costs Vs Functionality

Your chosen backup and disaster recovery solution must have the necessary functionality to meet your existing IT estate, but also the flexibility to meet any long-term changes in infrastructure. The functionality requirements must also be balanced against increasing costs and varying pricing structures such as licencing agreements or cost-per GB.


Backup Systems Managed Service

Backup Systems are not a reseller and as such, we are able to provide a cost effective managed backup service without the price tag of many of the big-name suppliers.  

The Backup Systems managed service takes care of everything from the running, to the checking of your backups as well as taking care of all the upgrades and maintenance.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is:

100% Secure

  • Data never leaves your network. It’s backed up from one customer site to another site or a data centre of your choice, and we can support you 24/7.
  • Better security than cloud backup, your data will always be under your control.

No Hidden Costs

  • One flat annual fee, that’s it!
  • Make unlimited changes throughout the year.
  • New machines added at no extra cost.
  • We’ll scale as you grow your business.


  • Backups automatically run to schedule.
  • No onsite intervention needed, no risk of human errors.
  • We’ll backup over low bandwidth networks.

Version Control

  • Restore any old version of any file.
  • Choose to restore to any specific date or time.
  • Restore only what you need, within minutes.


services_cover.pngLearn more about Backup Systems with the complete guide to our managed service:



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