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A Backup and Disaster Recovery Service for the Legal Sector

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Every day, organisations rely on technology to protect their data, and the legal sector is no different.  When the slightest of details could have the greatest impact in the courtroom, ensuring the continual protection and availability of all organisational data is essential.



Handling vast amounts of highly valuable and sensitive information on a daily basis means law firms are facing an exponential growth in the types and volumes of data that must be backed up and stored in regulatory compliance.

Predicting data growth

With continually amassing volumes of data, IT teams within legal firms face increasing pressures to find and implement a backup and disaster recovery solution which can keep up with the growth.

Often working with set - and in many cases, tight - budgets, all spending for the year must be monitored and accounted for in advance. Predictions for future growth and backup requirements can be tricky to accurately determine and so with a backup and disaster recovery solution that has a pricing model based on a cost per MB or per host, calculating and accounting for all future spend can become an extremely difficult task.

Managing Administrative Duties

With vast differences in the type of data collected and its ultimate value in a legal proceeding, backup processes cannot be left to chance, meaning it falls to a member of the IT department to ensure that regular and comprehensive backups of law firm data are performed.

This means that in addition to the initial costs of the backup appliance itself, IT teams must also manage the ongoing administrative costs that are associated with operating and managing the solution on a daily basis.  

These labour intensive and ultimately tedious tasks can easily occupy hours of a week; diverting time and resource from business critical projects.

Ensuring Data Security

Data protection is one of the most obligatory acts, and in the legal sector the confidentiality clause that must exist between a client and a legal practice is a binding bond that is integral to maintaining the privacy of a client’s affairs and information.

The ability to maintain information security at all times is a primary consideration made by all legal firms when deciding upon their backup and disaster recovery strategy.

Backup and disaster recovery for a Legal Firm

There are a great number of backup and disaster recovery solutions available in the market, each with their own benefits and risks.


With the importance of backup and disaster recovery ever more prevalent, a surprising number of organisations are yet to move away from the legacy tape based solutions. Solutions of a tape nature are now considered to be increasingly unreliable, vulnerable and labour intensive.


Cloud based applications are gaining popularity in all industry sectors. A survey of legal firms identified the following potential benefits:

  • Flexibility & scalability
  • The ability to reduce internal IT staff costs
  • Increased data handling capacity

However, there are also a number of risks and challenges associated with a cloud based backup and disaster recovery appliance:

  • The security, data confidentiality and location of the data
  • Service reliability and stability
  • Service response time

Backup Systems Ltd

Specialists in onsite and cross site business backups, Backup Systems are one of the UK’s leading backup companies. We specialise in cost effective, securely managed backup service for medium to large businesses with 200+ employees.   

With our backup and disaster recovery service for the legal sector, we charge £5000 per backup appliance that can archive an unlimited amount of data and servers for no extra cost. 

With our solution you can backup unlimited data and servers for a singular annual fee of £5,000. 


100% Secure

  • Data never leaves your network. It’s backed up from one customer site to another site or a data centre of your choice and we can support you 24/7.
  • Better security than cloud backup; your data will always be under your control.

No Hidden Costs

  • One flat annual fee, that’s it!
  • Unlimited changes throughout the year.
  • New machines added at no extra cost.
  • We’ll scale as you grow your business.


  • Backups automatically run to schedule.
  • No onsite intervention needed; no risk of human errors.
  • We’ll backup over low bandwidth networks.

Version Control

  • Restore any old version of any file.
  • Choose to restore to any specific date or time.
  • Restore only what you need, within minutes.

Backup Systems managed service is designed to be invisible to the end user and enables you to rest easy knowing your data is protected at all times. For a singular annual fee, Backup Systems works with your IT teams to design a completely bespoke system that delivers the backup and disaster recovery strategy that fits around your business needs while working within your existing IT environment. In addition to this, Backup Systems provides you with the support you need, monitoring and configuring the system on your behalf and enabling you to maximise IT resource elsewhere.


Lean more about our Managed Service: 


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