address 5 backup & Disaster recovery strategy challenges

Five Backup & Disaster Recovery Strategy Challenges and

How to Address Them

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Avoid hidden costs in your Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategy


Planning a successful backup and disaster recovery strategy can be challenging. 

Organisational data is growing year upon year and hidden backup and disaster recovery costs can drive the bill to eye-watering heights. 

This lack of cost transparency can make budget allocation almost impossible in a time when accurate forecasting is essential for the IT budget. 

In this eBook we address the challenge of the Backup & Disaster Recovery Budget along with 4 other commonly faced challenges:

  • Budget
  • Functionality
  • Service Quality 
  • Maximising Resource Effectiveness
  • System Flexibility



What do our customers think?

"We were looking for a cost effective, reliable backup solution. As Backup Systems offered a fully managed service we chose to pursue this option as it freed crucial time across the business to focus on other business critical IT responsibilities."

Stuart Fairbairn, ICT Manager, Edinburgh Leisure


“We decided to review our backup and business continuity processes, as we only used a tape drive and had no off site offering in the event of a major outage. We looked at various offerings and found that Backup Systems provided a good cost effective solution within budget.”
 Billy Douglas, IT Director, Campbell Dallas LLP


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