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Microsoft Hacked!

Do you have data in Microsoft? Azure or 365? If so, it’s important you read on! Numerous senior executive accounts, as well as dozens of Microsoft Azure environments have been compromised, through the use of credential phishing and cloud account takeover techniques. The attacks, which are still on going, have been conducted through the use of documents with embedded links, prompting users to “View Document”. The hyperlink however redirects users to a phishing page, which by that point it’s too late.

Would your business be able to survive a temporary shutdown?

In today’s age, every business out there is reliant on IT to keep it going, no matter the scale or type of business, you can bet there is an IT system keeping things running behind the scenes. With that, comes the responsibility of ensuring it’s kept updated, and protected.

Laptop Backups with Backup Systems

With an increase in remote working over the past years, laptops have been the go-to when it comes to continuing with work out of the office. But, with the added convenience of being able to take your work setup out and about, welcomes the risk of your laptop being damaged, stolen. or even compromised.

Backup Systems is Cyber Essentials Certified!

Our weekly blog posts have a few logos that appear on the graphic that goes along with them, one of which is our proof of being Cyber Essentials certified. But what does that mean? And what does that have to do with our clients? Well, it’s not just a graphic and some words, here’s what being Cyber Essentials is, and why it benefits you that we have such a certification.

Buying Backups? Buy British!

When it comes to making sure your systems are safe, you want to make sure you pick the right provider, with the best security in place to ensure your backups are protected correctly, and the best support from a reliable team. While you may think you’ve made the right choice after shopping around a bit, ask yourself, are they UK based?

Beware! VMware confirms exploitation of vCenter flaw.

As confirmed by VMware, a critical vCenter server remote code execution vulnerability is currently under active exploitation, remote code allows hackers to be able to run malicious code on your computer or network, so the damage that can be caused here is not one that should be overlooked.