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VMware ESXi under attack!

Ransomware continues to plague IT infrastructures in everyway it can, this time a new variant of the TargetCompany ransomware is targeting VMware ESXi environments.

Your passwords caught in the dark web once again!

A common way for accounts to be compromised is down to data breaches, the information obtained from these ranges in what they contain, but the majority will have email and password combinations.

Don’t be left out, Join Us!

Backup Systems number one priority is to take care of user data, helping our clients have a safe and secure place to store their data, as well as be on hand to support them with whatever queries they have, is just a few things that are important to us.

Your backups are in danger! But not from cyber criminals…

Google is a well-established name, one that you wouldn’t second guess that you can trust. So, imagine the panic UniSuper had, when they found out that Google Cloud had accidentally deleted their customer account, for no apparent reason.

Are we the real threat to our data?

Sometimes, it isn’t the hackers who pose the biggest threat to your systems, what if it was yourself? A simple slip up or lack of concentration when it comes to organising your systems could see you lose your data.

Users are visiting phishing sites more than legitimate ones, is your data backed up?

Would you be able to tell you’re on a legit website, as opposed to a phishing one? More than half of people found that they were visiting a fake version of what they thought was a legitimate website.