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Advantages of an Automated Backup System

Performing data backups may be an essential business operation but there is no denying that it can become an arduous task. Manually performing backups at scheduled points in the day can eventually consume hours of essential resource.

Backup & Disaster Recovery: A Tedious Task with Little Reward?

Enterprise backup solutions cost time money and effort to implement, manage and run, and their true value is only realised in the moment they are needed.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Awareness Training: Disaster Prevention

A data backup and disaster recovery solution is a huge investment, but so many fall into the trap of implementing the system, creating plans and then stopping. With so much already invested, a failure at this point often has critical consequences across the entirety of an organisation....

Backup: What Support are You Actually Getting?

Unlike many of the other services you pay for; a fault or failure in your backup and disaster recovery service most likely won’t be noticed until it’s too late. With something so essential to business continuity it is expected to receive a high level of service. And in the moments that you need...

Bespoke Backup System; What Features are Most Important to You?

Backup systems have furiously evolved since the days of reels of magnetic tape; as new trends and solutions appear backup methods and technologies become increasingly complex.

Outsourcing Backup and Disaster Recovery: 5 Questions to Ask

 Your data is your world – or more specifically your business. Entrusting it to someone else can be an overwhelming prospect. Knowing that outsourcing backup and disaster recovery can be a much more convenient and reliable method of handling your requirements, is only a relief when you feel...