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Time – The Most Important Metric in Backup and Disaster Recovery

03 February 2017

Do you know how much an hour of downtime would cost your business? The loss of access to a CRM or emails for even just an hour can have lasting financial impacts on the business, and being unable to quantify these costs is a serious problem.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems Testing. An Essential Consideration

20 January 2017

IT budgets are often one of the first to face cut-backs and when under pressure, something has to give. For many, the processes of reviewing and testing of the data backup and disaster recovery solution is one of the first to go.

The Changing World of Data Loss Prevention:4 Steps to Kick-off your Back-up Strategy

16 September 2016

Today, we live in the age of information. A time where we are able to collect store and analyse billions of gigabytes of data every year. Approximately 90% of all the data in the world has been created within the last few years – and is only set to increase. For every organisation there is a...