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How Cheap is the Cloud? Pure Myth or Simply Convenience

There is a whole host of common misconceptions surrounding the cloud and its effectiveness, with low cloud costs often being argued as one of the core benefits of cloud deployment. But is it as cheap as everyone keeps saying? It's important to note that cost is not everything when it comes to...

How much should you be spending on Backup & Disaster Recovery?

Do you know how much you should be spending on backup and disaster recovery? It is possible that you may be seriously overspending on a service that could be provided in a more cost-effectively manner, whilst also being superior to your current solution. This is why it is essential that you take...

Reducing the costs and complexity of Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are often the forgotten element to an organisation's ever increasing complex and expensive IT estate. As terms such as BYoD and Virtualisation will come and go over time, backup and disaster recovery solutions always remain in the background relatively...

A Backup and Disaster Recovery Service for the Legal Sector

Every day, organisations rely on technology to protect their data, and the legal sector is no different.  When the slightest of details could have the greatest impact in the courtroom, ensuring the continual protection and availability of all organisational data is essential.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Licensing Violations. Are you Covered?

Businesses of today require continuous access to mission-critical information in order to survive in an economy that relies on the almost instantaneous availability of data and information.

The Hidden Costs of Data Backup and How to Avoid Them

Organisation growth is an unavoidable fact; and something that is viewed with anticipation and reward. And, growing faster than your organisation? Your data.

The growth of an organisation is inescapably accompanied by a number of by-products each with their own needs and requirements. Data is...