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Reassess your Backup & Disaster Recovery Strategy this World Backup Day

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world-backup-day-4.pngThe 31st of March each year is World Backup Day!

As a concept, World Backup Day was formed in 2010, born from a conversation about the inherent need to back up data.

Content shared about the day is primarily geared towards the private consumer, raising awareness of the practicalities and essential nature of backing up both personal and professional data.


Taking place the day before April fool’s, a backup pledge has been shared across various social media sites.


The World Backup Day Pledge

“I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.”

I will also tell my friends and family about World Backup Day – friends don’t let friends go without a backup.


With the rapid multiplication of data and rising cyber-security concerns, a day dedicated to driving awareness is not without its place.  Backup Systems believe that the value of this day can extend beyond just the private consumer.

Organisations need little reminder of the essential role a backup and disaster recovery appliance plays in business continuity, but it can be quite easy for an existing strategy to become stale.

As organisational backups, typically take place on a set schedule and at a regular frequency, the reminder is not one to perform backups but rather to ensure that your system is performing to the best of its ability and that organisational data will be protected for another year.

Keeping Strategy Fresh

Maintaining an up-to-date backup & disaster recovery strategy requires a regular evaluation of the business and data environment, and the direction of its progression.

Understanding your data environment

It is probably quite unlikely that the nature and types of your data will change dramatically from year to year. But taking a moment to re-evaluate what you have and what you are likely to have over the coming year will influence which features your backup appliance must have, and the frequency they must be performed at.

Recovery objectives

Any changes to the data environment or the systems and processes within the business may impact the business continuity planning for the organisation. Regular revision will ensure that your existing strategy will continue to meet these objectives.


While we would all love our backup and disaster recovery system to remain simply just an insurance policy, pushing them to the back of the mind and simply hoping for the best is a recipe for disaster. Frequent testing of the backup and disaster recovery processes and appliances is essential for a continually effective backup and disaster recovery strategy.


Investing in a data backup appliance can be worthless if your employees can’t operate within business continuity best practices. With new systems or processes, it can be essential to consider that these backup strategy elements be incorporated into the employee training plan.

Changes to cyber-security

As cyber-attacks become increasingly more sophisticated, it becomes imperative that the backup and disaster recovery strategy be considered in addition to the latest firewall and anti-virus technologies.  Regular revisions of how security and backup planning can be best incorporated is essential in keeping strategy fresh.

Cost projections

Keeping on top of how much your backup and disaster recovery strategy is costing you is an essential consideration for every budget. And while it is a cost that can’t be written off, understanding which portion of your budget should be allocated each year is a necessary projection. Various pricing structures – such as cost per user, or cost per GB – can mean that as your business grows, so too will the portion of your budget required for your backup and disaster recovery strategy.


Reassessing Your Backup & Disaster Recovery Strategy?


In the spirit of the World Backup Day pledge, Backup Systems believe that friends shouldn’t let friends go without a backup, and so are offering a one month free trail of the Backup Systems application.

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