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The Beatson Institute saves time and increases productivity with Backup Systems

Patient data matters. In today’s society, the healthcare industry is under constant scrutiny from patients, regulators and insurance providers to get it right. Facing stricter guidelines than ever before, the collection, processing and storage of data under GDPR, has significantly increased the...

GDPR Compliance: The importance of a strong backup strategy

GDPR is the biggest change to data protection law since 1998. It has changed the way businesses, large and small, collect, store and process data, and as a result, how they operate. It is important for businesses to understand GDPR, the implications involved and how building a strong backup...

Cloud storage is not a backup solution – here’s why.

There is a growing assumption that cloud storage and cloud backup are the same thing. However, cloud storage sites such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and One Drive, are not backup solutions – so should not be relied upon to work perfectly or to protect your data if a disaster was to strike....

How much do you pay for your data backup?

Backing up your systems and your business-critical data is an invaluable exercise, yet there is a major possibility that you are paying too much to do so.  

We know that a thorough backup and disaster recovery strategy is an investment in both your company’s growth and its continued survival....

Backup Systems receives ISO 27001 Certification

Recently Backup Systems were awarded a certification of ISO 27001. The director of Backup Systems Mark Ridley was interviewed on the subject.

ISO 27001 is an international standard with global recognition used for an information security management system (ISMS). The certification demonstrates...

How to Build the Best Backup Strategy for your Business

Data circulates throughout your organisation, entering and leaving, constantly. Each day as your employee’s work through tasks; working on projects, closing deals, sending emails and creating documents, the volume and value of your data grows. If a business loses access to this data, or even to...