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Building a Business Case for a Fully Managed Backup Service

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Building a business case.pngThe need for having an up-to-date backup and disaster recovery solution has never been more evident, with the average cost of IT downtime of the Fortune 1000 in 2015 between $1.25 and $2.5 billion. Data volumes are soaring and can grow as much as 50% annually; for businesses both large and small the costs of downtime caused by lost data are unaffordable – to their finances and their business reputation.

It is easy to push these backup and recovery concerns to the back of the mind when all is going well. So when the time comes to stretch and squeeze the organisational budget; the business case for a fully managed backup solution can be a hard sell. Here are four things you shouldn’t forget to consider when building a strong business case to secure your organisation an up-to-date backup solution and strategy.

Know your audience

Your audience are the ones holding the purse strings so make sure they understand why you are telling them what you are telling them. A case laden with technical jargon will may well be overlooked by those in finance. But on the other hand if you are reporting to a senior in the IT department a case light on technicalities will seem like it is lacking in the founding research. And back to the why part - demonstrate the ongoing tangible results and knock-on effects of the solution, rather than solely describing the solution and what it does. 

Evaluate your options and work within a realistic budget

There are plenty of backup solutions and services in today’s market place and choosing the one that works best for your organisation and budget is key. Think rationally about the potential budget size you are likely to secure and use this to narrow down your backup options. Evaluate your alternatives and compare the costs of outsourcing your backup and disaster recover solution to the costs of keeping it in house. While also being mindful of any hidden costs. By being realistic of the budget you are likely to secure and taking an evaluative approach in your business case will ensure it receives the attention you need it to.

Make a business case not a technology case

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace make sure your audience understands that what you are proposing is not simply an upgrade to the flashiest solution on the market. To do this it is important to contextualise the possible scenarios and their consequences in way that provides the appropriate motivation for the audience of your business case.

The volume of data your organisation can generate collect and store is enormous and growing year upon year but not all data is created equal. Understanding which of your data sets add the most value to the business, means that you are better able to create a backup strategy that prioritises and protects the data that is integral to your organisations continued success. And it is this which must be presented clearly in your business case. In many cases, a black and white outline of the financial implication of a failed backup and disaster recovery solution often acts as an eye opening experience for those who are not actively involved.  

Consider your Regulation & Compliance Requirements

Each industry; each organisation; each department has differing data security and storage procedures. These can be mandated at departmental, organisational or even governmental level. Your backup solution and strategy must take each of these regulatory control measures into consideration and demonstrate continued compliance. Your business case for an updated backup and disaster recovery solution should be equally demonstrative of the need for compliance and how it should be achieved.

With so much at stake the consequences of a rejected business case for deploying a new backup solution can strike at any moment and be far reaching. So it becomes important to highlight how essential it is that these solutions are kept up to date to those in control of the organisational budget.


Building a Business Case for Backup & Disaster Recovery?

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