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Bespoke Backup System; What Features are Most Important to You?

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Backup systems have furiously evolved since the days of reels of magnetic tape; as new trends and solutions appear backup methods and technologies become increasingly complex.

This growth in complexity is a parallel growth with the increased intricacies now seen in the enterprise IT environment. Today, vendors have had to move beyond traditional data backup offerings and incorporate a wide variety of new features in order to keep up.

Vendors and resellers are able to package and repackage these features to create an offering they hope can meet all your backup requirements. However, It’s important to note that resellers and ‘off the shelf’ vendors are beholden to originators for improved functionality and service/product enhancements. This can result in costly delays when new, business critical functionality becomes necessary – a common problem in a fast moving business environment.

So with unique organisational data requirements and with a growing variety of trends and solutions appearing on the market place choosing a bespoke backup and disaster recovery solution may be the best way to meet your organisations backup requirements.

Disaster Recovery Systems

When it comes to effective disaster recovery systems, speed and reliability are both vital to ensure impeccable restoration of files or whole systems, as well as reducing downtime to as little as possible.

Disk Imaging

Disk imaging is an essential part of backing up your IT infrastructure, or even just individual machines within your business. This process takes an exact copy of a system or other data disk. This contains a mirror image of the disk – including the operating system, applications, files and any data components.

Email Archiving Solutions

Keeping a secure and separate copy of all individual email messages is an essential part of any business. Whether you need to archive important internal emails, correspondence between you and your customers or you rely on emails to manage work or incoming orders, then loss of these can be catastrophic.

Enterprise Backup Solutions

Enterprise backup is the perfect solution for organisations with multiple servers, multi-sites and a large data footprint. It utilises your existing IT infrastructure allowing your data to stay within your organisation’s IT framework. It allows for fast data restoration regardless of size – from single files to entire company-wide systems.

Hyper-B Backup

Organisations choosing to use the convenience of Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualisation platform are putting a lot of trust in a platform providing access to files and virtual machines. An effective backup strategy is essential.

Laptop Backup

A lot of companies have staff who travel often or work remotely using a laptop. If anything happens to that laptop all work carries out over months or even years can be lost so it is essential to back up the data stored on these devises.

Microsoft Exchange Backup

System and file backups are far from being the only essential data backups for your business; Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 can be vital tools, particularly with any important information, files or correspondence stored in mailboxes.

SQL Server Backup

Managing everything from employee records and customer management to payroll and accounts; SQL database servers are vital to your business’s operations. Backups of a SQL server databases should be taken at any intervals of your choosing, including hourly, daily or weekly. You should also be able to choose between full, incremental or differential backups covering everything within each database.

Virtual Machines

The backup of virtual machines ensures that, when you’re running in a virtual environment, everything from the operating systems you’re running and the files you’re using are stored securely in the event of any disaster.


A vast majority of businesses using virtual machines will likely be running the VMware platform. A VMware backup solution ensures a separate third party backup that won’t be affected by any kind of disaster, such as hardware failure, which ensures minimal risk of data loss and fast restoration of virtual machines so your business’s systems are running again quickly – exactly as you left them.

Your chosen backup solution should meet all of your organisation’s data requirements and be able to work and grow with your IT environment.

Backup Systems has developed one tool that can do it all - from disaster recovery and enterprise backup solutions for complex businesses, to disk imaging and email archiving solutions. Our team works with your business to determine your particular functionality requirements and configures our platform to work seamlessly with your existing or new IT infrastructure. In addition, bespoke functionality can be built into the Backup Systems platform to provide you with the range of capability required for your business.

Our bespoke system is more cost effective than an ‘off the shelf’ product from a popular vendor or reseller, as Backup Systems do not add a mark-up and any new functionality that is required is completely free of charge. 


Ready to start designing your own bespoke Backup & Disaster Recovery solution?


Download the guide to our managed service for a complete inisght into all of the Backup & Disaster Recovery features offered by Backup Systems and how our service could save you time and money. 

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