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Backup: What Support are You Actually Getting?

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backupanddisasterrecoverysupport.pngUnlike many of the other services you pay for; a fault or failure in your backup and disaster recovery service most likely won’t be noticed until it’s too late. With something so essential to business continuity it is expected to receive a high level of service. And in the moments that you need them most; the types and level of support you receive can be crucial to the development of a strong and lasting relationship.

In most enterprise organisations IT teams are working to full capacity, implementing crucial strategic business projects while also ensuring the maintenance and management of the existing IT infrastructure. Outsourcing the management of some of these day-to-day tasks, such as your complete backup and disaster recovery solution, provides key benefits to both your IT team and your organisation. By relieving the workload of the IT department; more time and effort can be spent delivering projects that will aide in organisational agility and competitiveness. On a purely base level the organisation you choose to engage with are financially motivated and contractually bound to deliver results. But on a deeper level, partnering with an experienced organisation will allow you to reap the benefits of their knowledge and experience as they devote their entire efforts towards a singular area of your IT environment; ensuring it is maintained and managed to a consistently high standard.

At Backup Systems we believe that protecting an organisation’s data should be motivated by more than simple financial or contractual obligations. As the UK’s leading provider of managed backup services we have been working with both SME’s and enterprise organisations to design a cutting edge service, supplemented by support from a team with a continually growing levels of expertise.

The service backup systems provide is a complete, all-in-one managed backup service which encompasses a number of different aspects, tailored to different requirements.

For an annual fee, Backup Systems are able to provide a high quality bespoke backup and disaster recovery solution that encompasses all of the elements you need.

From the running to the checking of backups we take care of everything because we understand that the integrity of your data is essential. Operating behind the scenes so as not to interrupt day to day operations our bespoke backup and disaster recovery solution provides three main advantages:

  • Our enterprise managed backup is cross-site; meaning that all of your data remains within your network at all times and we do not charge you for the volume of data. Whether you want to store a file area for a year, or a database doubles in size – we will not bill you extra.
  • The dedicated backup appliance allows the system to be centrally managed, this means that no software agents need to be installed on your computers, and it also means we can easily take care of all upgrades and maintenance.
  • The backup appliance itself is virtualised, allowing you to source the hardware from your preferred supplier. Keeping costs within your budget.


With the web console Backup Systems enables you to check the status of your backup servers at any time but with a report sent directly to your inbox each morning we keep you up to date with each and every backup run and any subsequent issues.


By monitoring your backup and the health of your backup server 24/7 we resolve any problems in house before contacting you with any actions.  

At Backup Systems we believe that protecting your data is essential and providing you with the support you need, when you need it most plays a vital role in this. 


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Download the guide to our managed service to learn more about the support we could offer you. 

Or visit our Case Studies page for some recent accounts of the service level we provide. 


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