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Backup & Disaster Recovery: A Tedious Task with Little Reward?

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Tedious-Task.pngEnterprise backup solutions cost time money and effort to implement, manage and run, and their true value is only realised in the moment they are needed.


When finishing time rolls around, and everyone is heading home, no one wants to stay behind to start the backup process, especially if this is a tape based system. And with an automated system, someone has to be responsible for ensuring each backup went to plan. Server Backups aren’t something that you can do once and consider it a job well done, instead the same set steps must be repeated every day, of every week, month and year.

Performing organisational backups is boring and repetitive: there are no two ways about it. Despite carrying the great responsibility of ensuring that an organisation’s data and systems will always be in peak condition it is, undoubtedly, a tedious task with little reward.

Out with the IT department, no one really knows or cares about how the servers must be backed up. And of those that do know; none of them would ever clap you on the back to offer congratulations on a backup well performed.

Hours and hours each week are spent on the administrative duties that accompany performing an enterprise backup. Over the course of the year, these hours accumulate into a substantial amount of IT resource that was not dedicated to the delivery of business critical projects. Backup admin time is one of the greatest hidden costs of the data backup process.

The need to maximise IT budget and resource allocation is often one of the biggest challenges faced and as such when choosing a backup and disaster recovery solution these factors play a key role in the consideration process.

Attempting to eliminate administrative time and costs associated with enterprise backup solutions is likely to be a futile task. Minimising them, on the other hand, is entirely possible.  Many organisations - across a wide variety of industry sectors - are now moving to an outsourced backup and disaster recovery processes.

A fully managed backup service removes a lot of the administrative burden from the IT team by assuming the responsibility of monitoring, checking and managing the entirety of the backup processes. By choosing a managed service you are able to rely on the expertise of your provider to automate each step and send you regular status updates.

Our Managed Service

Specialists in onsite and cross site business backups, Backup Systems are one of the UK’s leading backup companies. 

By tailoring a bespoke backup and disaster recovery solution that sits within a fully managed service, we keep your business protected from disaster whilst also giving you back your IT resource.

With our service you no longer have to consider the time it takes to perform the day-to-day running of your backups as we perform these at a frequency of your choosing. Being a centrally managed system we are also able to carry out regular maintenance and upgrade work. We continuously monitor your backups monitoring for any problems or issues; solving them before you’ve even noticed and maintaining the integrity of your data.

What’s more, Backup Systems charge a singular annual or monthly fee that doesn’t change no matter how much your data grows. Not being a reseller our solution is designed and delivered by us so we know that there are no hidden costs.

Backup Systems are offering a one month free trial. Register your interest below:

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