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Backing up Windows: Microsoft Exchange & Windows Server Backup

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backup-windows-environmentWith literally billions of Microsoft customers, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 have become extremely vital tools in conducting day to day business. This means that they are chock-full with sensitive data and employee correspondence. Knowing this information, you may be surprised to hear that Microsoft’s Exchange backup capabilities are fairly limited. In light of this and the recent WannaCry attack which certainly did not help Microsoft’s cause, there are many organisations actively advocating that we should all migrate off the Microsoft Exchange Server and move towards a more secure server.

Now we are not suggesting that you need to completely change your systems, but we do recommend that you need to bulk up your backup and disaster recovery capabilities to protect your organisation’s mailboxes and overall Windows system.  By strengthening your backup, you can rest easy with the knowledge that you can have every mailbox running again exactly where you left off, that you are minimising data loss, and also reducing the risk of organisational downtime.

At Backup Systems, we do not overlook the importance of backing the windows environment; we have created our own backup and disaster recovery solution to protect against data losses. But before we get to that, here are some core reasons why you should be backing up your windows environment with an outsourced provider:

Microsoft are not specialist backup providers

Microsoft do have protection measures in place to help minimise data loss, but at the end of the day backup and disaster recovery is still not their strongest suit. To guarantee 100% protection and to safeguard all aspects of your organisation, outsourcing your backup is essential to provide the absolute highest level of protection, which Microsoft just cannot give. Your data is simply far too important to not have the protection of a robust backup and disaster recovery solution.

The estimated amount of time for Microsoft to backup and restore their email server is much slower in direct comparison to a dedicated backup solutions provider. It could actually take hours, or even days! Once items are deleted in Office 365, they are permanently removed after 14 days, meaning they are lost to the world and you can never recover them. In addition, they have no protection against deleted mailboxes, therefore you are at risk of losing a vast amount of information, deals, and contacts all in one go.

The rise of Cybercrime

The number of cyber-attacks has soared in recent years, with perpetrators being armed with more sophisticated software that is causing extensive levels of damage- with some organisations losing a whopping £50 million or more from attacks. According to the latest KPMG Fraud Barometer, the value of cybercrime, specifically within the UK, has exceeded £1billion, and has been on the increase since 2011.  With these terrifying figures in mind, it’s not enough to rely solely on Microsoft’s ability to protect your data. Please do not ignore the warning signs when it comes to the safety of your data. 

If you do not feel confident in defending your organisation from cyber-attacks and in particular ransomware, then we recommend viewing our infographic which compiles the best protection tips against ransomware.


Complete Protection with Backup Systems 

Below is a list of our core Microsoft Exchange and Windows Server offerings:

Microsoft Exchange Backup

  • A complete and consistency checked backup of the Microsoft Exchange Database Stores
  • A fully searchable email archive for an unlimited number of mailboxes
  • Office 365 email archive for an unlimited number of mailboxes
  • A complete image including the operating system which can be started up in minutes

Windows Server Backup 

  • File Level backups
  • Database backups (including MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL), of which we do full, incremental and differential
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Email Archiving
  • System State
  • Server images including the Operating System

To discover more about the specifics of how we conduct our Microsoft Exchange Backup and Windows Server Backup, then we recommend reading our Service Guide, which you can access below. 



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