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Mark Ridley

Mark Ridley is the Managing Director of Backup Systems. Mark started computer programming at the age of 10 on a BBC Micro and went on to become a graduate of King’s College London. After working for multinational giants such as Goldman Sachs and Barclays Capital, Mark founded Backup Systems in 2006, providing a bespoke service to his valued customers.

Recent Posts

Bespoke Backup System; What Features are Most Important to You?

Backup systems have furiously evolved since the days of reels of magnetic tape; as new trends and solutions appear backup methods and technologies become increasingly complex.

Building a Business Case for a Fully Managed Backup Service

The need for having an up-to-date backup and disaster recovery solution has never been more evident, with the average cost of IT downtime of the Fortune 1000 in 2015 between $1.25 and $2.5 billion. Data volumes are soaring and can grow as much as 50% annually; for businesses both large and small...

The Hidden Costs of Data Backup and How to Avoid Them

Organisation growth is an unavoidable fact; and something that is viewed with anticipation and reward. And, growing faster than your organisation? Your data.

The growth of an organisation is inescapably accompanied by a number of by-products each with their own needs and requirements. Data is...

Outsourcing Backup and Disaster Recovery: 5 Questions to Ask

 Your data is your world – or more specifically your business. Entrusting it to someone else can be an overwhelming prospect. Knowing that outsourcing backup and disaster recovery can be a much more convenient and reliable method of handling your requirements, is only a relief when you feel...

Drowning in Data: How to Backup with an Enterprise Backup Solution

Already charged with backing up just about everything in your environment, your data just seems to keep on growing. It’s an insurmountable volume of data with backup requirements that seem to be encroaching on the realm of unrealistic.

The concept of backing up an organisation's data is...

5 Backup Strategy Challenges and How to Address Them

For many organisations the prospect of facing a data related disaster is something that doesn’t bare thinking about.  In 2014, data loss and the subsequent downtime cost enterprises $1.7 trillion around the globe. In the UK this amounted to a phenomenal loss of £10.5 billion, while 78% of UK...