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6 questions to ask before renewing your existing Backup Software

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questions_to_ask_before_renewing_your_existing_Backup_Software.pngAre you currently at the stage of renewing backup and disaster recovery software or are you considering looking elsewhere? This can be a difficult decision due to the overwhelming number of entrants in the backup market. But it is absolutely crucial that you have 100% confidence that your selected vendor will be able to protect your organisation, especially in the event of an attack or a disaster.

This is why we have created a list of the 6 questions that should be asking prior to resuming activity with your current backup provider, and if you follow these questions they will help to inform you of the current state of your backup software and where your gaps may lie.

1. Are you just taking the easy route out?

When that renewal contract comes through the door or straight to your inbox, we know it is all too easy and tempting to just say ‘yes’ and sign on the dotted line to avoid what can be an arduous task of making an informed decision and evaluating your options. In certain circumstances it is completely understandable, as maybe you haven’t experienced any issues with your current provider so you haven’t started to consider the benefits of switching backup provider.  However, it is critical to your business to evaluate your current provider when it comes to protecting your organisation.  

2. Have you been paying attention to the speed of innovation?

We can maybe attribute this to the recent cyber attacks such as WannaCry, but the speed of innovation within the backup and disaster recovery market is moving at lightening speed. This is good news for the market in general, but not so good for those backup providers who are not keeping up with innovations and for you as one of their customers. The question remains- are you paying attention to these innovations? If not, then how will you know if your current provider is actually offering you the most advanced form of protection and security?  Server virtualisation, cloud backup capabilities, and other innovations, are becoming commonplace in the backup market, but many vendors still do not offer those options. 


3. Is your current solution meeting your data requirements?

Have you experienced any issues in terms of handling your complex data requirements? Common issues relate to the software’s ability to scale to handle your growing level of data whilst still being able to effectively protect the data at multiple end-points, with minimal downtime during the backup window. If you have any data limitations then these need to be addressed prior to signing another contract. 

4. Are your backups automated?

Does your current solution require a vast amount of human intervention to ensure the efficiency of your data backup? If so, these manual processes are probably wasting your valuable resources. Automated backups are key to ensuring human errors are eliminated and that all systems are securely protected. They should be able to manage themselves seamlessly, and if not, it could be time for you to consider other options.

5. What does the future hold for you?

Do you know what all your future plans are for your business and its data that will directly impact your backup software? You may have a solid strategy in place but unless you are in possession of a crystal ball, you can never 100% predict what is to come. Your current provider should respect that through making it easy and cost-effective to add new features, integrate with new applications, add more data and more devices etc. If your current provider does not make this process painless and is not flexible, then maybe you should scrap the renewal and look elsewhere.

6. How cost-effective is your provider?

Do you feel like your financial resources are all being dropped directly into the pocket of your backup software provider? If that is the case then you are being charged more than you should be. Many vendors work off the pricing model of charging by volume of data, or the number of servers required, the additional features you want, and the cost of support. Add up all these hidden costs and you could be looking at a really expensive backup and disaster recovery solution. We have previously written a blog about how to avoid the hidden costs of data backup solutions, so I recommend reading that if this is an area which concerns you.

At Backup Systems, we provide a fully managed, flexible solution with one annual fee – never charging our customers additional monthly fees, no matter how their data grows. We take the time to work with you to decide upon the best backup strategy for your business, and seek to provide unlimited support. We are not a reseller -our solution is our own!

If you are interested in upgrading or you're about to renew your backup and disaster recovery software,  then we recommend clicking below to access our managed service guide first. 




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