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5 Backup Strategy Challenges and How to Address Them

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For many organisations the prospect of facing a data related disaster is something that doesn’t bare thinking about.  In 2014, data loss and the subsequent downtime cost enterprises $1.7 trillion around the globe. In the UK this amounted to a phenomenal loss of £10.5 billion, while 78% of UK organisations were not confident in their ability to recover from a disruption.  With these bleak figures it is easy to see why so many organisations are focused on having in place a backup strategy, and sound disaster recovery services. But knowing which system to choose is often another matter.

For many organisations having overcome the first hurdle and realised the importance of a Backup Strategy they are then faced with a number of challenges and obstacles that prevent them from finding the solution that works best for their own data requirements.

The principle challenge faced by many is often the prospect of securing an appropriate budget. Reports shows that approximately 36% of small business want to invest in a disaster recovery plan but can’t afford it.

While every organisation is similar in that it collects a wealth of data; each vary in the requirements they have for collection, storage and backup. For some there are even the additional concerns of compliance. The Backup Systems solution allows for bespoke functionality to be built in to provide your organisation with the range of capability required for your business. 

Service Quality:
In a report prepared by The Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council, it was shown that when companies test their own Disaster Recovery plans more than 65% do not pass their own tests. This figure is disturbing as any systems interruptions have a tangible effect on businesses and ultimately have the potential to affect the bottom-line.  Outsourced backup solutions are defined by the quality of service they offer the client, so the ability to provide high quality support whenever required is a vital element in a successful and enduring business relationship.

Maximising Resource Effectiveness:
The work of an IT team is never complete; often with large business critical projects taking up the majority of their focus.  When the team are distracted to recover lost data – no matter how minor- significant time and resources are diverted from these critical projects.

System Flexibility:
The rate at which we are creating, collecting and storing data is unprecedented. And for most organisations it is the goal that they will use this data to grow and expand their market presence. Both of these growth curves require continually updating business systems, structures, procedures and processes in order to support these developments. An organisations backup strategy must be able to continually evolve and adapt with these changing circumstances. Securing them against disaster no matter how big they grow.

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We have been successfully planning and implementing market leading backup solutions for our clients since 2006 and are increasingly seen as an indispensable extension of our clients’ IT function. Our system is designed to operate almost silently in the background, allowing our clients to focus on their core business activities, while providing the business with complete peace of mind with regard to the protection of valuable data. 

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