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4 benefits to a remote managed service provider

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remote_managed_service_provider.pngRemote managed service providers have been evolving since the early 90s- they begun as a jack-of-all-trades and now have shifted towards a more specialised vendor. We are now seeing the rise of specialised backup, disaster recovery, security-as-a-service, and anti-virus providers, and this could be attributed to the fact that organisations are placing higher priority on the security of their IT infrastructure, end-user systems, and sensitive data. Below we have compiled a list of our top 4 benefits that you will experience after transitioning to a remote managed service provider: 

1. Reduced pressure on IT

IT departments often can be extremely small, with only a handful of individuals who are responsible for looking after the IT infrastructure of the entire organisation. A fully managed service provider would help to relieve them of their overwhelming workload, maximise their resource, and give them an opportunity to focus on other critical business projects that can help to advance the organisation's tech goals. It can also help to reduce any IT delays there may be due to them being spread so thin; ensuring your organisation is always protected around the clock, 356 days of the year.  

2. On demand technical support and expertise

As previously mentioned, today's remote managed service providers are becoming increasingly specialised experts in particular fields. Do you claim to be an expert in every IT field? No one individual can be, especially when it comes to managing your organisation's infrastructure. Managed service providers are dressed head to toe in expert IT professionals who are dedicated to delivering high levels of expertise and knowledge which you have complete access to. This expert support will ensure your organisation benefits from the absolute best solution for your requirements and if something happens to go wrong you can rest easy with the knowledge that they have the capability to handle it. 

Due to their level of expertise, managed service providers are far more robust in direct comparison to any in-house activities, as they are solely focused on managing and protecting your data and infrastructure. 

3. Business Continuity and protection 

Remote managed service providers will already be well versed in backup and disaster recovery procedures and will already possess the systems to protect you in the event of a disaster to minimise data loss and organisational downtime. Recent cyber attacks have put a huge emphasis on organisation's strengthening their backup and disaster recovery strategies increase their chances of surviving both during and after a disaster occurs. 

Relying purely on on-site backup can still leave you vulnerable in the event of a disaster, whether it is natural or man-made. Having two backup locations is important to ensure your business can carry as usual. All too often organisations will  underestimate the importance of off-site and this is why remote managed service providers are so essential to your organisation's survival. 

f you are struggling to gain support within your organisation for a fully managed backup service provider, then we recommend taking a look at one our previous blogs on building a business case for a fully managed backup service.

4. Better managed and reduced costs

Typically managed service providers cost less and their costs are far more predictable. This can be attributed to most managed service providers charging a flat fee, which may be monthly or annual, so there is no hidden costs. This will help to manage your IT spend and annual IT budgets as you know exactly what you are being charged for and how often. Using a remote managed service provider will also lower your costs as you will not have to hire additional staff to support your organisation as they will be able to cover all your support requirements and will be your single point of contact. 

Backup Systems managed service is designed to be invisible to the end user and enables you to rest easy knowing your data is protected at all times. For a singular annual fee, Backup Systems works with your IT teams to design a completely bespoke system that delivers the backup and disaster recovery strategy that fits around your business needs while working within your existing IT environment. In addition to this, Backup Systems provides you with the support you need, monitoring and configuring the system on your behalf and enabling you to maximise IT resource elsewhere.

We have a vast range of backup and disaster recovery services, so we recommend taking a look at our guide below which details our extensive list of services we can offer.




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