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Maximise IT Resource with a Fully Managed Backup Service: 4 Benefits

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Maximise-your-IT-resource.pngIs protecting your organisation’s data a top priority for 2017? Your business applications and all the data contained within them are what drive productivity, decision making and ultimately organisational success. Loss of this data - either short term or complete -  results in downtime and has the potential to lead to the eventual failure of the organisation. In fact, 80% of organisations suffering major disaster go out of business within three years.

Backing up your organisation’s data is a continual and ongoing task that requires consistent levels of attention. It is a challenge that inevitably consumes IT resource and detracts attention from the delivery of critical projects.

For many organisations, striking a balance between the distribution of IT resource and the security of organisation data is a challenge that simply has to be endured. But increasingly, an all-in-one managed backup service is being considered a viable option. An outsourced managed service has a number of key benefits that makes protecting your organisation without depleting IT resource a possibility.

  • Maximising IT Resource
    Most obviously, an enterprise backup and disaster recovery strategy that is not deployed in-house but rather a fully managed service acts as an immediate relief to the workload of internal teams. Fully focused on providing the highest quality of service, your backup vendor ensures that your organisation’s data is protected. It uses the storage parameters and a backup frequency decided by you, and a fully managed backup and disaster recovery service enables you to create a strategy that protects your data without any resource concerns, allowing you to focus more attention on driving business critical projects.

  • Delivering Special Expertise

With a bespoke backup and disaster recovery solution, your managed service is tailored to your exact data requirements. Working exclusively with the deployment of backup and disaster recovery solutions, an outsourced vendor is able to develop a highly specific level of expertise and knowledge that enables them to assist you in the creation of a strategy that integrates seamlessly with your organisation’s IT environment. With a strategy in place that is unique to your business, your essential data is protected and in the event of disaster, downtime can be minimised with a customised restoration strategy. Support is another key feature of a fully managed backup service, ensuring that your system is kept up to date and well maintained at all times.

  • High Levels of Security

Today, data is an organisation’s most valued asset and its protection is paramount; not just from loss during a disaster but also from a breach in security. Organisations must determine security protocols internally, but additionally, they must ensure their data is stored in a manner that is legally compliant. A managed backup service works with you to ensure your organisation’s data can be backed up in guidance with all security protocols. 

  • Driving a cost effective backup strategy

With a fully managed backup and disaster recovery solution, implementing a cost effective strategy can be achieved. Incorporating features such as scalability, support and infrastructure into a singular service and pricing structure enables you to understand exactly what you are paying for, without needing to expend the additional time and resource of your internal teams. Your organisation is primed to grow, and your backup and disaster solution should be able to grow with you; a cost effective strategy is one which takes this into consideration without penalising you for success.


Revising the ways in which organisational data is protected is a top priority for many businesses in 2017, and moving to an all-in-one managed backup service is one of the most popular considerations being made.

Backup Systems managed service is designed to be invisible to the end user and enables you to rest easy knowing your data is protected at all times. For a singular annual fee, Backup Systems works with your IT teams to design a completely bespoke system that delivers the backup and disaster recovery strategy that fits around your business needs while working within your existing IT environment. In addition to this, Backup Systems provides you with the support you need, monitoring and configuring the system on your behalf and enabling you to maximise IT resource elsewhere.


Are you considering how you could benefit from a fully Managed Service?

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